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Do you want to develop profitable, long-term export markets?
WEXI can help.


Selling your wine directly to your customers (e.g. cellar door sales) gets the highest profit margin. However, exporting can be profitable too. WEXI can help you establish new, long-term export channels in developing Asian markets, while also reducing the cost of exporting.

The difficulty with exporting wine

Australia and New Zealand's wine industry has enjoyed sustained growth for many years. But today it faces the problems of overproduction, reduced local sales channels and growing competition for traditional export markets.

Conventionally, only the largest wineries can afford to represent themselves in overseas markets due to the enormous set-up costs and high risk.

Wineries can eliminate some export risks by using an agent or distribution partner, however these relationships are often difficult to establish, are bound by exclusivity arrangements and often have no purchase guarantees.

Ad hoc export sales to third parties can turn excess stock into cash, however these sales are usually shopped around vineyard to vineyard, offering slim to no profit and no long-term sales opportunities.

Importantly, the end-client relationship is controlled by an agent.

The WEXI alternative

Australia needs new and profitable export markets. Small to medium wineries are missing out on significant revenue and wine lovers in foreign markets can't access a good variety of wine at a fair price.

Wine Export Initiative Pte Ltd's (WEXI) wine export program has been established for Australian and New Zealand wine producers who are interested in developing long-term export sales. It has been running in Singapore since 2013 and is now targeting emergin global markets.

WEXI will partner with a limited number of wineries and, for a negligible startup cost, will manage their exports and help them to efficiently reach export markets.

Sales made through WEXI will generate sustainable revenue because wineries can sell their product in a 'retail' environment. You can use the distribution channel as though you own it, so you can capitalise on larger margins.

WEXI offers a low-cost, low-risk way to test and develop a new export market. Participating is easy, a winery commits to the export program for a 2 year period. There is a monthly fee depending on how much wine you want to send and how many cities you would like to sell in. You receive all net revenue from sales of your wine. It is shipped on consignment and the cost of export and import fees, freight and duties are shared evenly with other WEXI participants. When your wine reaches the target country it's stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment until sold.

By working with other WEXI participants, you dramatically reduce your costs while exporting with the buying power of a much larger group. Although the risks are higher than being paid at the 'farm gate', you benefit from much higher selling prices.

When WEXI sells your wine we collect the payment and deliver the goods. We make the payments of any fees and government taxes (at cost price). The balance is then transferred to your nominated account.

When you sell your wine direct, you collect the payment from your client and simply instruct WEXI to deliver the goods. We will bill you for the delivery and any government charges (at cost price).

As an extra incentive, some of the participation costs can be claimed against Austrade grants for export assistance. This can lower participation costs by up to 50%.

How it works

How it works

Ready to export your wine?

Contact WEXI to confirm your interest in the export program. We have very limited space available - about 50 of Australia and New Zealand's 3000+ wineries, will be able to participate.

If you would like more information on the WEXI export program, or would like to secure your involvement now, please contact:

Wine Export Initiative Pte Ltd
Email: vicki@wexiltd.com

The WEXI promise

Wine Export Initiative Pte Ltd (WEXI) was established to develop long-term, sustainable and highly profitable wine export markets.

The directors and management team at WEXI have extensive experience in importing and selling wine in Asia; logistics; sales and marketing; developing cooperative industry solutions; and web strategy.

The long-term plan

WEXI aims to develop an extensive network of warehousing facilities throughout Asia and beyond, allowing participating wineries direct access to these markets. These local warehouses will enable wineries to quickly fulfill international sales, as well as increase their margins due to better control of the transaction all the way from cellar door to local buyers.

Our highly scalable model allows wineries to keep developing export markets by expanding their overseas warehouse space. WEXI partners will be able to grow with us, testing and 'cherry picking' different Asian markets, without incurring excessive risk.