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WEXI in United States of America

Export Market Locations

WEXI welcomes Australian and New Zealand wineries to export to one of the counties below, we have experience and are able to advice you on how you can tap onto our platform to increase your winery's awareness in the world.

Why The United States of America?usa

The US is currently Australia’s number one export market by value with potential for growth. The US is the largest consumer by volume of wine in the world, with 145 million wine drinkers and a consistent rise in consumption over the last decade. At around 10 litres per capita, there is still considerable upside in wine consumption. After Asia, export sales from Australia to North America was the next fastest growing region; it grew by $15 million (2 per cent) to $652 million. The US is also a large and growing premium wine market.

However saying that, the US wine market is very complex and highly regulated, with different excise and sales taxes in each State. The USA has complex shipping laws which vary from state to state. Each state has its own alcohol laws, so small boutique wineries would be ill-advised to try to navigate this alone. WEXI has established an import/distribution supply chain to service buyers in 40 states and growing, reliable distribution in the USA enables smooth entry into this prized market.

Growth potential


WEXI aims to develop an extensive network of warehousing facilities throughout the United States. These local warehouses will enable wineries to quickly fulfill sales, as well as increase their margins due to better control of the transaction all the way from cellar door to local buyers.

WEXI partners will be able to grow with us, testing and 'cherry picking' different states in the United States, without incurring excessive risk.