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WEXI in Thailand

Export Market Locations

WEXI welcomes Australian and New Zealand wineries to export to one of the counties below, we have experience and are able to advice you on how you can tap onto our platform to increase your winery's awareness in the world.

Why Thailand?usa

The Thai economy is South-East Asia's second largest and one of its fastest growing.

Australian wine has performed well in Thailand which is still developing as a wine market. Australia holds around 18 per cent share of the import market by volume and 23 per cent by value, placing Australia as the third largest exporter to Thailand by volume behind South Africa and France and second behind France by value.

Australia has a very good relationship with Thailand on both political and trade fronts. The wine market for Thailand is fairly small but is expected to grow. The acceptance of wine as an everyday drink in Thailand is growing with both Thai-style food and the increasing range of western-style foods now on the market. Fine wine and dining are now increasingly high in acceptance nationwide.

Growth potential

There has recently been an increase of wine purchases in higher price brackets as consumers trade-up to quality wines. The move to higher quality wine may also be driven by the increasing prevalence of wine being given as a gift on special occasions. Thai consumers are exposed to an increasing number of wines with a vast range of prices to choose from which has contributed to the growth of the wine category in recent years. The elimination of import tariffs for Australia and New Zealand has made our wines more attractive to price-sensitive consumers.