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WEXI in Singapore

Export Market Locations

WEXI welcomes Australian and New Zealand wineries to export to one of the counties below, we have experience and are able to advice you on how you can tap onto our platform to increase your winery's awareness in the world.

Why Singapore?Singapore

Singapore has been selected as the first export location. Singapore has an established wine market with an increasing demand for greater variety and better quality wines. WEXI offers the perfect way to tap into this export opportunity. WEXI wines are now available online stores through the following retail outlets and Online Store in Singapore

Singapore offers Wexi participants an established westernised market that is currently consuming approx 15 million litres P.A. Australia currently provides 33% of this.

Singapore is one of the busiest tourism hubs in the world for connecting airline journeys and has also seen recent growth as a tourist destination in it's own right.

Singapore also boasts a very significant number of expats in the general community at around 19% of the 5 million residents.

Wine consumption is growing as other alcoholic beverage consumption slowly falls.

This has resulted in a constant improvement in the availability, variety and quality demanded by the wine market.

More restaurants and wine bars are being opened with extended wine offerings to cater to this market. There has also been a growth in bottle shop numbers and increasing off trade consumption.

The importation of wine into Singapore attracts hefty taxes and after several layers of margin retail prices of wine are high. The WEXI model bypasses or reduces the layers of margin and allows wineries to sell at retail but to retain more of the profit for themselves.

Our cooperative export model and gained pricing advantages allow WEXI participants a green field opportunity in this developed market.

Our goal for sales in Singapore is a modest 1% of the market.

Premium Importers

Premium Importers Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based, incorporated company that imports the wine into Singapore. It is a 100% owned subsidiary of WEXI.



The online and retail brand is ‘Merchants Wine Store’.


Merchants - Duxton Rd


52 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089516
Tel: 6222 1162

Merchants - East Coast


443 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427656
Tel: 6440 0892

Merchants - Online


Merchants Wine Club

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