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WEXI in Hong Kong

Export Market Locations

WEXI welcomes Australian and New Zealand wineries to export to one of the counties below, we have experience and are able to advice you on how you can tap onto our platform to increase your winery's awareness in the world.

Why Hong Kong?Singapore

Hong Kong’s vibrant local market and prime geographic location serve as a platform for growing wine trade in other Asian markets. Hong Kong’s economy is a strong market economy and is considered one of the least restricted markets in the world with an essentially duty-free policy. Hong Kong is the fifth most valuable Australian wine export market. While volume and value declined in 2016, largely because some exports are now going direct to mainland China instead of via Hong Kong, the average value of exports to Hong Kong increased by 4 per cent to $13.63 per litre. Hong Kong has the highest average value among the top 50 destinations to which Australia exports and 76 per cent of exports to Hong Kong are valued at $10 or more per litre.

Growth potential

Growth in the wine market has been increasing with economic growth and the increase of consumer spending power. The health benefits, lifestyle and image associated with wine has also had an effect on consumption with many consumers turning from beer and spirits to wine.

New World wines are continuing to increase their market share over Old World wines. This trend is set to continue with consumers recognising the quality of many New World wines and the value for money they provide. The labels being in English, make them more user-friendly for consumers. Australian wines are well received, particularly with the advantage of closer proximity compared to other New World producers such as the US or Chile. Australian wines are currently the second largest exporter of wine behind France with volume at 19.2 per cent of the market share, 12.8 per cent share in value terms.