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WEXI in China

Export Market Locations

WEXI welcomes Australian and New Zealand wineries to export to one of the counties below, we have experience and are able to advice you on how you can tap onto our platform to increase your winery's awareness in the world.

Why China?China Wexi

In 2016, mainland China was by far the most valuable market in Asia for Australia with exports of $520 million, accounting for 59 per cent of exports to the region.

A buoyant Chinese wine import market is fuelling growth in Australian exports. However, Australian wine exporters have also been gaining market share; according to the Global Trade Atlas, total bottled wine imports in mainland China increased by 21 per cent to US$2.2 billion, half the rate of Australia’s growth. As a result, Australia’s share of the market increased by 1 percentage point to 24 per cent compared to the previous year.

Growth potential

Expansion of the Chinese middle class has driven increased demand for wines in the entry level and commercial wine price segments. However, this growth was outpaced by the upper price segments. As fast as the middle class is growing, mainland China’s ultra-wealthy numbers are growing at a faster rate. According to wealth research firm Hurun, ‘China's billionaire population first surpassed the US in August 2016 and Beijing has also passed New York as the billionaire capital of the world’.

These wealthy Chinese consumers are demanding the world’s finest wines and Australia’s wineries are taking advantage of this trend. The sentiment known as the ‘daigou shopper’ phenomenon reinforces the idea that Australia’s wine is a trustworthy and premium product in the eyes of the Chinese consumer. This is great news for wineries looking to capitalise on the increasing demand for Australian wine, and WEXI is well placed to facilitate entry into this exciting and dynamic market